Saturday, October 25, 2008

When you have all the time in the world..

Sunday. Hmmmm. I like.

Alright, I promise to finish do my homework today, since I have nothing much to do till the Deepavali celebration tonight anyway =)

BTW, i think there's some confusion out there regarding how my classes are like. Well, I don't study with the locals. Hmmm, ok, think this way. It's like a regular class in Malaysia, except that my class is based in India instead. Oh but the lecturers are local Indians. Other than that, I guess everything is Malaysian. I live in a Malaysian hostel. We have a Malaysian cafe. My classmates are ALL Malaysians.

I suddenly rmb an incident in class ytd. The lecturer asked for a volunteer for blood drawing and practically noone volunteered in the beginning. Finally Roselyn said she would do it. I was personally worried for her because i don't quite trust the people here. Anyway, the lecturer asked for another volunteer instead because she didn't think that Roselyn was well enough to get her blood drawn. Simran went out this time. The lab assistant couldn't find his vein so he did a blind piercing! >.< Guess what? After he pierced the needle through Simran's skin, he moved it left and right and pushed it deeper. *shivers* And he failed to draw any blood =.= After like a few tries, he finally managed to draw some blood, and that also was not enough for our experiment. I felt so darn sorry for Simran man. Roselyn then had to donate her blood for our experiment. This time out lecturer did it, so it was alright.

I'm sorry for being such a coward and selfish person but i seriously am kinda afraid of needles especially when being handled by non-professionals. Anyway, thank you Roselyn and Simran for being the brave and generous ones.=D

To my "Indian" readers who are involved in our mini feast/steamboat last night: I had plenty of fun and good food ytd. And you're most welcome for the good tasting barley (which i only had few spoons=[ ) LoL. We should have this more often;) AND heeeyyyy, thanks to those who were involved in getting Ming and I the cake. I seriously didn't expect it. Thanks peeps. I love you guys!=)

Oh yea, I nearly forgotten...thanks a lot for the mess on my face!

The pic is blur because there was cream on the screen of my phone's camera!

P/s - Sorry, not many pix this time. Uploading pix here is super time consuming.

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