Saturday, October 25, 2008

When you have all the time in the world..

Sunday. Hmmmm. I like.

Alright, I promise to finish do my homework today, since I have nothing much to do till the Deepavali celebration tonight anyway =)

BTW, i think there's some confusion out there regarding how my classes are like. Well, I don't study with the locals. Hmmm, ok, think this way. It's like a regular class in Malaysia, except that my class is based in India instead. Oh but the lecturers are local Indians. Other than that, I guess everything is Malaysian. I live in a Malaysian hostel. We have a Malaysian cafe. My classmates are ALL Malaysians.

I suddenly rmb an incident in class ytd. The lecturer asked for a volunteer for blood drawing and practically noone volunteered in the beginning. Finally Roselyn said she would do it. I was personally worried for her because i don't quite trust the people here. Anyway, the lecturer asked for another volunteer instead because she didn't think that Roselyn was well enough to get her blood drawn. Simran went out this time. The lab assistant couldn't find his vein so he did a blind piercing! >.< Guess what? After he pierced the needle through Simran's skin, he moved it left and right and pushed it deeper. *shivers* And he failed to draw any blood =.= After like a few tries, he finally managed to draw some blood, and that also was not enough for our experiment. I felt so darn sorry for Simran man. Roselyn then had to donate her blood for our experiment. This time out lecturer did it, so it was alright.

I'm sorry for being such a coward and selfish person but i seriously am kinda afraid of needles especially when being handled by non-professionals. Anyway, thank you Roselyn and Simran for being the brave and generous ones.=D

To my "Indian" readers who are involved in our mini feast/steamboat last night: I had plenty of fun and good food ytd. And you're most welcome for the good tasting barley (which i only had few spoons=[ ) LoL. We should have this more often;) AND heeeyyyy, thanks to those who were involved in getting Ming and I the cake. I seriously didn't expect it. Thanks peeps. I love you guys!=)

Oh yea, I nearly forgotten...thanks a lot for the mess on my face!

The pic is blur because there was cream on the screen of my phone's camera!

P/s - Sorry, not many pix this time. Uploading pix here is super time consuming.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cheering to Victory.

Jamie the cheerleader?

LoL well, somehow people always say I look like a cheerleader. I look like an athelete. I look like this, I look like that. I always look like what I'm not! LoL. Anyhow, the student body of my uni actually organized a PIDC Cup a.k.a Sports Day with all sorts of..hmm..rather unique games such as chess, carom, badminton, basketball, soccer (people don't exactly have badminton/basketball/soccer for sports day, do they?) etc. The common one is track event (with 10 x 100m which I've not heard of, but pretty interesting I'd say). Well we do not have stuff like high jump, long jump, shot pult etc. because of the short of facilities over here.

So, it's compulsory for all team members to join cheerleading which only means...guys with pom poms? Haha I know, I know, there are guy teams in the national cheerleading competition but it's probably not a common thing for male dentistry students to be in cheerleading. Could you imagine a bunch of studious people jumping around with their pom poms? Haha well, i definitely could, because we actually did it!

After class on Sat, all the Red Demons (my team *wink*) gathered to blow balloons (super tiring/painful=S) to decorate our "Secret Weapon" which the seniors made with much effort, sleepless nights and sacrificed study time. It was a surprise to all of us as we knew not about it till the day of the cheerleading comp itself. I'm truly impressed, so is everyone i'm sure.=)


Red Team President;)

Our secret weapon. ;)

The guy in white lab coat (Arthur) is our cheer captain. He's an amazingly good dancer. A very nice & patient captain as well.

On our way to the field for cheer comp.

Camwhoring with the 6th batch demons;)

Ming. Roselyn. Me!

And finally, it was time to compete. We did our best just for Arthur because we knew how upset he was when he saw how unsynchronized we were just 2 hours before the comp. During the actual thing, we cheered as loudly as we could. We made sure we remember every step. We stayed focus. We smiled. We did almost everything Arthur wanted us to do...and yet we somehow did not expect to win. However, I guess all our effort was paid off when we were announced as the cute yet devilish champion. =)

R. E. D

Mao Loong!

Joanne was the cheer caption for Blue. She did a wonderful job there ;)

My extended "family" ;)

Winter Batch 6, 08'

"You look like a potential runner".
That's what my team president always said when he tried to persuade me into joining the track events. Well he basically said that to everyone. LoL. However, out of love for the team, I decided not to run because I would OBVIOUSLY lose.

Well, I successfully escaped running, but I was convinced into taking part in chess instead.
"Are you sure there's noone better who could play chess?"

So I reluctantly represented my team with 3 other players.

I was in despair till the extent where I never wanted to play chess ever again. (You have no idea how terribly I lost!) But guess what? After about an hour of whining and grieving at one corner, I was told that red team made it to the finals and I have to play another round. I nearly got a heart attack! I thought it was just plain cruel for another round of chess when I hadn't even recovered from my misery.=( I was begging to be replaced by someone. Anyone. But that wasn't an option. So with much self pity I TRIED to "enjoy" the game.

Alright, it wasn't so bad after all. Time passed lightning fast and before we (my opponent and I) knew it, there were only 2 mins left. I won by eating an extra piece when time was up, so there we go, Red Demons as the CHAMPION. WooHoo!

The credit must go to my chess idol though...

This was taken after we emerged as champions!
It was past midnight when the tournament was finally over.=S

He was training me a couple of hours before the tournament. He's darn good, won all of the games that night. I'd say he's a pretty nice guy though he claims that he's mean. (To Wye Lunn: Alright, don't start perasan-ing after this.)

The PIDC Cup is going smoothly so far and honestly I'm amazed with how well the opening ceremony turned out to be with all the fire crackers and senior performances.

A big thank you to the seniors who made this sports day happen ;)


Wednesday, October 15, 2008

What a tiny world.

Guess what?
Although i'm far away from home, I can relate to many things from home here in India.

When Roselyn (SAM, Taylors) added me on Facebook, I was surprised to see that we have 13 friends in common, TEN of which are my KL friends.





Kuan Lin

Li Min

Li Teng


Ruy Mun

Pei Hwa

LoL well mayb it isn't so surprising after all since she's from Taylors, the 2nd Sri KL.

Actually it's pretty exciting to find out how we're all related in this "big big world".

Alright, it's 5.30pm. Time for cheer.=S

Goooooooooo Red!!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Patience is a virtue=)

Alright, I'd really really like to blog about India but i'm not done blogging about my KL moments yettttttttttttttttt!

So, be patient! (More like telling this to myself than anyone else) =.=

Kay, it's unfortunately time to go for track and cheer practice. (I got forced to sprint 100m though i repeatedly admitted that I suck at running/any type of sports) Anyway they shall soon realize that they made a mistake. LoL.

LoL took this during our cheer practice last night. Wanted to show it to Sammi and Freddy!=P
Trust me, dentists aren't exactly good dancers! LoL.

Gotta go, hasta pronto.=)

Monday, October 13, 2008

If only I had more of my Jing Bang doses..

Well, this time in KL I finally got to meet 4 of my angels. 1 was missing.=( But I am glad I got to hang out a couple of times with the rest before I left for India.

I hung out with Jill the most this time. She brought me to my first clubbing experience! Woohoo!=) She was also there when I hung out with my Dutch friends who came to visit.=) Annnnnd...she brought me to shop at Telawi Street, though she was the one who shopped the most. Jill the shopaholic. LoL.

I managed to meet Seok Yee about twice (I think?) this time and she has gotten a lot prettier and hotter. *whistles*

As for Lisa, I only saw her ONCE, but it was better than none I suppose since she claims to be busy all the time.

Ferny. Well I saw her a number of times. She's still as sweet as ever.=) She was always the one organizing the outings actually. So, thanks a million Fern, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to hang out with you guys as much.=)

The first meeting at KLCC after a year and a half..

Camwhored while waiting for Jill's driver=)

Seok Yee and my first Banana Leaf experience. LoL.

At the curve..

Us and our Margaritas.


Wanted to capture the water fountain (at the back) but it was too dark..

At Mystery Bar ( I think..yea, it should be it)

The camwhores! In the car...

At Neway for Karaoke with Jill and my fellow Dutch friends=)

The failed attempt of clubbing at we "clubbed" at Jill's instead, with a bunch of ppl i knew not of (except for the girls there, which happened to be only 2 of them excluding me)

The clubber virgin (at that time) and the pro-clubber

Seok Yee slept almost the whole time. I took a nap every now and then. Effect of the Bacardi shot.

Mike. Me. Jilly.

Mamak time!

Everyone was groggy..It was 5am if i'm not mistaken..

And yet we look so energetic when it comes to camwhoring=)

Here it is. *Drum rolls* My clubber virgin title being stripped off! XD

At the dance floor.

Ok that's not smoke. It's a non-smoking club.=)

Chilling at the hotel next to Euphoria after clubbin. Super tired & thirsty.

2nd clubbing experience. Bumped into Pauline!=)

Well I don't have any pix of the rest of the outings but i guess the ones above will do.=) I'm still waiting for Jill and Fern to send me/upload the wii videos as well as the pix. *hint hint*=P

SAMMI! I wish u were there with us.=( I miss u dearly! I seriously wonder when's the next time we'll meet=S

Anyway, it's time for me to hit the books. I have a mini test tmr. It's 1.30am and i'm not prepared for it yet.=S

Buenas Noches=)